Comprehensive Diesel Exhaust Fluid Services from PEAKHD

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is essential for operating commercial engines within current emissions regulations. When emission levels were much higher, a separate system was not required because the engine released emissions that were within compliance. The separate system was designed to treat exhaust after it leaves the engine. Pure DEF is a major component of this system.

Why Pure Fluid?

High-quality fluid that is pure makes the exhaust system more efficient. Fluid lasts longer and reduces the time and expense of filling the fluid tank frequently. One tank of pure fluid will be enough for a tractor trailer truck to go across country and back. This result depends upon the speed, road conditions, maintenance levels of the truck, and the behavior of the drivers but the average of seven-thousand miles can be traveled before more fluid is needed.

The efficiency of the exhaust system ensures compliance with regulations, so fines are avoided. A system that is operating smoothly will also contribute to maximum fuel efficiency of the engine. A pure fluid will remain pure with the proper storage at the proper temperature. Special containers are available to meet every unique need and size of a truck or shipping lot.

Why Special Containers?

DEF is a low maintenance substance that has two drawbacks. The first is that it is very corrosive to metal. Storing fluid in metal containers or pumping it through metal nozzles will cause those components to corrode quickly. Not only that does make this inefficient due to replacement costs, it also results in flecks of metal and particles falling into the fluid causing it to degrade. An experienced company that provides comprehensive services, such as PEAKHD, offers containers that contain no metal.

Special containers are also required because the second drawback relates to temperature. DEF freezes at ten-degrees Fahrenheit. Once it freezes, it is rendered useless. Insulated containers, thermal wraps for outside storage, and tanks buried underground are available when inside storage is not an option. Portable containers on carts makes it easy for smaller lots to have a supply of fluid on-hand and roll it out when trucks need filling.